Do you Ship Internationally or only to the UK?

  • Yes, we can and have shipped outside of the UK before. We offer competitive shipping rates all over the EU and in most cases can also offer a delivery and positioning service. Rates will vary, so best to contact us here. Please provide as much information as possible. (For example: What is the Safe you are wanting to ship? Delivery Address, Town and Country? Approximate date of  Delivery? Step or Lift access? What level of the building? Only Delivery or Delivery and Positioning?


Do you offer a bespoke Safe Building Service?

  • Yes, we do offer a can offer a bespoke safe building service where you can design and build from scratch or make small tweaks to a particular safe you already have your eyes on. (i.e. Change Colour, Change Lock Type, Add Shelves, etc).


What is the Safest and most Secure Key for a Key locking Safe?

  • We recommend always going for a High Security 'Double Bitted Key Lock and Key when purchasing a Safe. Standard keys are just to easy to copy and don't offer the type of security a double bitted key does.